Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Day on the Job.


Back again with a new post. First I want to start off by saying that work experience is vital for everyone to have. It gives you the insight as to how people interact at the workplace and the etiquette associated with it. So without     further ado...

My first day on the job..I would say it was very productive and very different. With every job, you get a sense of imaging what it would be like if you were to stay in that job. For some good reason, I feel that I can really excel in this environment. Not necessarily the building per-se (I do like my workstation though!), but the social environment and interaction is pretty good.

What did I do today?

Well, besides eating a good lunch- courtesy of Wendy's- I am tasked with designing an interactive website for the company that has e-commerce and maximizes its potential in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So today was solely research and analyzing the current site and looking at the company's competitor's sites to gauge how they are using SEO.

I found that they are really pulling resources together in putting their websites on the map. Something that our company is trying to get right but isn't there yet. So my job is to obviously get us there and ahead of their competitors.

A daunting-but-exciting task. One that will test my knowledge but ultimately expand it and in the end, through preservation and hard work, we can achieve this goal.

Wow, I sound like a corporate exec.....

Any who, that concludes my first day. Stay tuned for daily posts of my endeavors!

Signing off,


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Update- 7.3.2010 Template Design


As you can see, I've done a little template change to my blogspot. I think it really suits my theme a bit with the map and all. Or maybe it's just cool. Either way, this is a part of my design overhaul. The header that you see now will be changed in the near future and some other things will be implemented as well after further research. So enjoy this now and leave a comment!

Signing off,


LEAD and Beyond.


Back again with a new post. I've been quite the traveler these days and now that most of them are done and gone, I would like to share some of them with you guys.

So most recently, I participated in a program called LEAD Business and it was hosted at the Darden Graduate School of Business at University of Virginia. It was a three week program and I've amassed so much insight, knowledge and new found abilities and most of all: communications and friendships I could consider life-long.

I was paired up with 29 other students and sent into the world known as College that we all will soon enter in the following summer. Each with our own talents and personalities, we were broken up in to teams to create a website in which would involve social media to market a business started by real entrepreneurs. That was the main focus of the program. We had classes in business, and all the professors, and guest speakers were all friendly, personable and very informative. We also visited many corporations like Music Today, Exxon Mobil in Fairfax, AOL in Dulles, Capitol One in Richmond, FDIC in D.C. and we also had video conferences with people in salesforce.com, and digg.com. I really enjoyed all the visits and gave us an inside look at how these companies are run and what corporate life is like- although Capitol One is a bit different.

The other side was the nightlife and pretty much all the freedom a college student really has. We went downtown, ate ice cream and frozen yogurt, went ice skating, had a party, played sports and just hung out. It's was truly an experience like no other. Everytime i'm asked how my summer was, I will always say "Amazing."

Before that, I was in Florida soaking up some sun and hanging out with my friends before they went to college. And now, I will be headed to Murpheesboro , NC for a family reunion this weekend. Catch yah later.

After this post, I will have some videos up of some of the most profound lectures and my group's presentations at Darden and at AOL for the website release party!

Signing off,

Friday, April 23, 2010

Updates- Beyond Reality 2.0

What's up you guys!

Just a few quick updates:
  • Just implemented StreamPad (http://www.streampad.com/)- an awesome way to import your songs onto your blog, facebook or even your websites! Just click on the link and follow the instructions!
  • These posts will serve as audio posts to import my songs onto StreamPad.
  • In the works of developing a WordPress account and a full blown website!
So without further ado, my first batch of imports will be an album called The Breaks by AYB Force: An acid-jazz influenced cd that caters to breakdancers. Pretty neat stuff.
Click to hear music file
A.Y.B. Force- Breaking Point

EDIT*: Because I'm having difficulty with the music imports. I'm going to put out one to see if it works.
EDIT**: StreamPad does not read my .wma files so I'm now in the process of converting the files to .mp3 and put them on Project Playlist and get rid of StreamPad.
EDIT***: StreamPad Is going to be scrapped and i'm going to use Projcet Playlist. First batch of songs go to one of the pioneers in Japanese DJing (Nujabes- R.I.P.) He died in a tragic accident in Tokyo in February. So as a tribute, click and enjoy his music!

The Playlist will be at the bottom of the blog. Just if you want to browse the list, pick and choose what you want to hear.